D9 Products Deliver Consistent and Accurate Dosage of Medicine

D9 Deals
Delta 9 Tekhnologe is leading the medical marijuana industry with manufacturing cannabinoid extracts that allow for a consistent and accurate dose of medicine.  Our proprietary blends of Tetra Hydro Oils and delivery devices are setting the standards to finally regulate specific dosages for medical marijuana patients and products.

CO2 Extraction

Supercritical CO2 extraction uses low heat and pressure causing the CO2 to have liquid properties while remaining in a gaseous state.  This allows the CO2 to function as a solvent, pulling the oils, pigment and resin from the plant matter.  This extraction process produces a superior oil because it has not been altered by high heat.
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  • Tetra Hydro Oil

    Tetra Hydra Oil Tetra Hydra Oil - grade A, pure medicinal cannabis extract. Each box contains 30 syringes and 10 grams of medicine.
  • VapeRx

    VapeRx Our pure cannabis extract "THO" with propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin packaged in a convenient Vape Rx cartridge.
  • CannaCaps

    CannaCaps A proprietary blend of THO, MCT and Coconut oils, allowing for a faster absorption rate into the digestive system.